How It Works

Crazy 8s is a recreational math club like no other. Any school, public library or 501(c)3 can launch this program to bring kids together in person over math. We offer 24 weeks of activities packaged in three 8-week kits for Grades K-2 and 3-5. Unlike competitive clubs that appeal to a select few, our activities can appeal to any kid. With activities like Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry and Beach Ball Party, we’re making math club the cool thing to do after school!

Cost-Sharing Contribution

As part of our charitable mission, Bedtime Math heavily subsidizes the cost of the kit, valued at more than $400.

Crazy 8s kits are available for a contribution of $128 for the first kit of each Season. That’s $1 per kid per week. If your site hosts multiple clubs per week, additional kits of the same Season are just $88 per kit.

Coaches who commit to 16 or 24 weeks upfront get a bundled discount of $198 for the first kit of two Seasons and $258 for the first kit of three Seasons. Federal Title 1 and Title IV funding can be used for this educational resource.

Kit Contents

Our Crazy 8s kits are filled with most of the materials needed to run a club, along with math-y take-home items for the kids. Coaches will need to provide a few supplies, like scrap paper, a pair of scissors, and a roll of masking tape. To help make the club the best it can be, our online Coaches’ Area includes step-by-step directions, how-to videos and other resources for our weekly activities. 

Honor Code

All Crazy 8s partners must submit an online application, which will be finalized during a brief phone call with one of our Crazy 8s Ambassadors. During this call, we’ll review our Crazy 8s Honor Code:

  • Clubs must meet on a weekly schedule either before or after school. The program works best when clubs meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. We’ll also allow clubs to meet twice weekly or daily for a 1-week school break camp.
  • Each club should include at least 12 kids, but no more than 16 kids.
  • Kids must be grouped Grades K-2, Grades 1-3 or Grades 3-5. Clubs can be restricted to a single grade or a pair of grades within those three grade ranges, but they should not be expanded in any way.