Our Story

Who We Are

Crazy 8s is the “second child” of the Bedtime Math family. It is the largest recreational after-school math club for elementary-aged kids in the U.S. Our mission is nothing short of massive culture change: enabling kids to enjoy math as much as (or more than!) they would enjoy sports, music and all their other extracurricular recreation.

Much like Bedtime Math, Crazy 8s follows a simple rule. While most efforts out there take math and try to “make it fun,” we do the reverse: We find things kids already find fun, then unearth the math in it.

We offer three 8-week kits, giving children everywhere a no-repeats math experience. And better yet, it helps kids overcome their anxiety around math and build confidence. In 2018, a study found Crazy 8s significantly reduced children’s feelings of math anxiety after eight weeks of participation in the club. The effect was more pronounced among younger kids in the kindergarten through second-grade club.

We structured this club carefully to turn math into a social bonding activity. Potential coaches receive the kit in return for following the Honor Code: Meet weekly after school with the same kids and include up to 16 members at most within a narrow grade range (Grades K-2 or 3-5). These rules fuel the magic of Crazy 8s.

We can tell it’s working. We’ve already shipped more than 30,000 kits, hitting all 50 states and serving more than 300,000 kids. We hope you will join us and start a Crazy 8s math club at your school!