Our Team

Joy Kalfus

Joy Kalfus, Chief Program Officer, Crazy 8s

As Chief Program Officer, Crazy 8s, Joy is responsible for leading coach training, developing content and fostering relationships with our after-school partners. Since 2014, she and our dedicated crew of ambassadors have shepherded more than 20,000 after-school clubs in schools, libraries and after-care centers across the nation and on US military bases around the globe. Joy is well-suited for the role with 15 years of experience leading volunteers coupled with her former position as manager of corporate communications for the National Hockey League. She holds a B.A. in communications from Allegheny College.

Natalie Nardini

Natalie Nardini, Director of Supply Chain and Technology Programs

As Director of Supply Chain and Technology Programs, Natalie is the materials expert for Crazy 8s and other Bedtime Math offerings. Her expertise in process and project management helps get math supplies to coaches and teachers across the country, and she also ensures Bedtime Math’s technology platforms are running smoothly and are optimized for fun. Natalie holds a B.E. in Engineering Management and a graduate certificate in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. She previously worked as a technical business analyst for Pershing LLC.

Catherine Miller

Catherine Miller, Crazy 8s Club Ambassador

Catherine has been a Crazy 8s Ambassador since 2015. She is a former classroom teacher and special educator, working in public schools for more than 10 years, and privately with public and homeschooled families for 18 years. She holds a B.A. in History and Elementary Education, an MA in Special Education and a C.A.S. in Learning Disabilities and Behavior. Catherine also serves on the Board of Trustees for her hometown library.

Caren Tarvin

Caren Tarvin, Crazy 8s Club Ambassador

As a Crazy 8s Ambassador, Caren enjoys sharing her love of math and encouraging new coach applicants. Previously, she spent a dozen years financing multifamily housing and nursing homes. She spent the next dozen caring for her special needs children, navigating the Chicago school system, and volunteering with mentally disabled adults. Caren has a BA in English from Stanford University.

Cara Bean

Cara Bean, Crazy 8s Club Ambassador

Cara holds a BS in Business Education from Husson College. She has had many roles in the past from teacher to sales administrator and even a massage therapist! When she isn’t working for Crazy 8s or with her kids, she enjoys reimagining old, outdated furniture so that it can have a new life.