Kids go crazy over Crazy 8s. Here's what some of our coaches have to say:
Students that didn’t like math have decided that math can be fun. They are putting more effort in the classroom work after playing with math in fun ways after school. Thank you for a great program.
— Sandra B., Crazy 8s Coach, Port Angeles, WA
The kids really love it! It is the perfect mix of fun and academics in an after-school program!
— Tierra M., Albany, NY
The students had a BLAST and many students reported that over the course of the clubs they started to like math more and to see that it has a purpose in our everyday life! How awesome is that?
— Rebekah F., Crazy 8s Coach, Boones Mill, VA
Thank you so much! Your kits are over the moon amazing. I’m so impressed. Kids are clamoring to get into the club!
— Gail R., Crazy 8s Coach, Marshall, MI
The kids absolutely have loved participating and we’ve gotten very great feedback from the parents. I can’t wait to start and do this program for the older kids.
— Michelle C, Crazy 8s Coach, Atkinson, NH
Crazy 8s has been one of the most successful recurring programs my library has ever participated in. The really awesome part is that the vast majority of my “8”ers are girls! The response every week is super enthusiastic, and when I announce what we are doing the following week, the kids are always stoked.
— Kim H., Crazy 8s Coach, Amarillo, TX
We just had our 1st session of Season 1 yesterday. We all had a really great time! Towards the end I said there were 5 minutes left and one of the boys said, ‘My watch says 8 minutes! Let’s go by my watch so we have more time!’ I haven’t smiled so much in a long time! Thanks!
— Susana T, Crazy 8s Coach, Lancaster, PA