Word Gets Around!

My daughter participated in Crazy 8s in 4th grade. It was the turning point in her life when she started loving math. In fact, it was transformative.
— Angela T., Crazy 8s Coach & Parent, Upland, CA
The kids beg for math club. What’s not to love? As an educator it feels so good to see kids be so excited about staying after school to do more math!
— Lisa F., Crazy 8s Coach, Corona, CA
Kids are constantly telling me things like “I never knew this was math!” or solving problems in their head. I have students who started this club slightly hesitant and now they say it’s their favorite time of the week.
— Kristi S., Crazy 8s Coach, Pueblo, CO
I have never heard so many students speak about math in our building, we are the “cool” club to join!
— Deirdre C., Crazy 8s Coach, Port Jefferson Station, NY
This is the most fun I’ve had at an after-school club. The excitement on their faces every week is so worth it. Each week so far has been their favorite – they cannot choose one. They love that it’s not just sit and do math, it is fun and interactive and totally engaging.
— Mary G., Crazy 8s Coach, Litchfield Park, CA
Students who started the year as math-phobic ended the year as a lover of learning.
— Kristin P., Crazy 8s Coach, Branchburg, NJ
The verdict: Get yourselves in on Crazy 8s Math Club. I am absolutely going for another season.
— Rosemary Kiladitis, Momreadit.com